Accumulate Steadily

Climbing to the peak is not to enjoy the scenery, but to find a higher peak
Sunrise in the East, bid farewell to yesterday's glory, the light will shine further
Along the way, we care more about how to accumulate and precipitate

Next second, let's see how strong we are

Blue origin digital technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Cyan origin is committed to creating an efficient and dynamic way of work, helping individuals and organizations to evolve and grow. It is an enabling self driving enterprise providing digital agile training, consulting and certification. It's global digital It is the only authorized organization of Sai (scaled agile, Inc.) in Suzhou.


As a strategic partner of operators, the company adheres to the mission of "technology driven business innovation, making business more intelligent". The future development will always focus on digital technology, AI intelligence and big data. Based on the business scene, we will build a billion level database and industry knowledge base, gather core elements such as products, services, projects, customers and data, and build a digital entrepreneurship ecosystem.

It provides the whole process services of market insight, project development, channel expansion, accurate customer acquisition, marketing and refined operation. Through the platform, it continuously attracts professional service institutions such as law, finance and taxation, financing, listing guidance and securities companies to settle in, opens up a one-stop service fast channel for government and enterprises, and provides more application options and better services for merchants.

  • 611A choice of trust for enterprise customers
  • 267Design works of listed / group enterprises
  • 2010Gold medal design enterprise of the year
  • 12National software copyright
  • 96%Customer renewal rate above

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